Laurel Bakery

Welcome to Laurel Bakery, the latest addition to the Redwood Hospitality family, joining the ranks alongside our Michelin-starred Oxalis and the acclaimed Place des Fêtes. Set to open its doors in late March of 2024, Laurel Bakery is nestled in the heart of the Colombia Street Waterfront/Cobble Hill neighborhood, bringing a slice of Parisian charm to Brooklyn. Our bakery features a range of pastries and other viennoiserie, artisan bread loaves, and a curated selection of pantry essentials. At Laurel Bakery, we believe in the beauty of handcrafted baked goods, made fresh daily to ensure the highest quality.

Laurel Bakery is not just a bakery; it’s a celebration of community and craftsmanship. We’re proud to offer both wholesale and retail options with our extensive range of products. Our bakery will also serve as the breadbasket for our sister restaurants within Redwood Hospitality, ensuring the freshest, most delicious baked goods at Oxalis and Place des Fêtes. For those on the move, our grab-and-go coffee service, featuring house-made nut and seed milks, provides the perfect complement to our baked goods.

We’re more than just a bakery — we’re a destination where every visit is a memorable experience, blending the art of high quality baking with the heart of Brooklyn hospitality.

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